Super Mario Run: A New and Exciting Game for IOS Users

Mario, one of the most iconic game characters of all time, is going to make a comeback soon with Super Mario Run, a single-hand game that is to be released exclusively for iPhone and iPad users. It will be available on December 15th and will be released in 151 countries. While it will be released for IOS users first, an Android version is also slated for release, although there is no word yet with regards to the exact date. Excitement is already building up amongst the fans of Mario, especially for those who grew up playing Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.

We’ll provide you with cheats, walkthroughs and secrets of each level and world of the game, which will surely make you excited to download Super Mario Run and make the most out of the game.

About the Game

super mario run tap to jumpSuper Mario Run is a strategy game that can be played with the use of a single hand. Mario, the game’s main character, will constantly be moving forward in the classic side view. You will need to tap on the screen to be able to go through the obstacles and to gather items that will allow you to gain more coins. To make it more exciting, there are three different modes available:

World Tour: Your goal is to save Princess Peach from Bowser and to do this; you will be travelling through castles, caverns, and fields, among others. This is a single player mode, and you will be journeying over six different worlds, each with a different thrill to offer across the 24 levels / courses.

Toad Rally: This is the Super Mario Run multiplayer mode, which will allow you to compete with your friends or with strangers from all over the world. You will be using your moves to garner higher points. The more impressive it is, the higher will be the points you will be awarded. The coins that you can collect from here can be used in the next mode.

Kingdom Builder: Using the coins that you collected in Toad Rally, you will be able to create your own Super Mario Run Kingdom. This is another single player mode. You can buy different items with your coins to be able to build your kingdom the way you want it. There are also bonus games that can be played, allowing you to earn more coins.

The way you jump will determine your performance in the game. You will be able to make extra manoeuvres and stylish moves depending on your jump. If you want to jump higher, all that you have to do is to press on the screen a bit longer to power up Mario. Aside from collecting coins, another goal is to avoid Goombas. There are two ways by which this can be done – you can simply jump over them or have them smashed. Do not let them get through you. Otherwise, the game is over!

Initially, you can download Super Mario Run for free. To access all the features of the game, on the other hand, you will have to pay an amount, which will vary depending on the country you reside in. The price is just $9.99 in the USA.  Once available you can download Super Mario Run App in the Apple App Store here., Your Best Choice for Game Cheats, Tips and Guides

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Experience a New Form of Mobile Entertainment!

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