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super mario run gameplay

I have seen youngsters as old as 13 years and middle aged ladies and gentlemen in their mid-forties getting excited and all charged up at the very mention of ‘Mario’.

Though the highly popular video game character Mario has been around for nearly two decades or so now, people from almost all age groups are very eagerly awaiting the initial release of Super Mario Run by Nintendo on December 15, 2016. This release will be for iOS devices only. Apple iPhone and iPad users are quite excited to download it from the App Store for a price of $9.99 in the U.S. and for different prices in other countries and experience Super Mario Run gameplay. Until now, Nintendo had successfully kept Mario off your mobile devices.

Over 20 million people have registered themselves for notification regarding the availability of Super Mario Run. Let us look at some of the prominent reasons behind the excitement which has built around the release of Super Mario Run on December 15, 2016.

The ‘old’ character Mario – People who have ever played any video game with Mario in the past recall how addictive Mario was. They have fond memories of their old friend Mario and are naturally curious to know as to what he is up to now.

Single Hand Operation – The thought of playing Super Mario Run using just one hand and enjoying your hamburger or coffee in the other is indeed very exciting for a youngster or elderly person. It would be a different experience altogether. And who doesn’t like change?

Simple operations – Simple operations like tapping or holding down the screen of your mobile phone to see Mario jump different heights right up to the ceiling would be quite interesting. Further, mastering the tapping skills to see some stylish jumping from Mario with quick coin collection would be very challenging too.

Miscellaneous thrills – Miscellaneous minor thrills like saving the Princess, time limitation, need to collect maximum possible number of coins, jumping over difficult targets, smashing and knocking off some targets, sliding down on slopes, competing against a ghost competitor, changing of the course even while you are traversing it and piece-by-piece building up of your kingdom with items purchased with your coins and toads add up to the overall excitement at every second of your game.

Last but not the least, the progressively higher degrees of difficulties and challenges which Mario encounters as he moves from one stage to another and from one mode to another in Super Mario Run keeps you engaged and enthralled all through the game.

Let’s hope that Super Mario Run spreads just as fast as Pokemon Go did!

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