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If you have ever been an avid fan of Mario, the ever-so-popular video game character, then you would have probably heard of the upcoming video game called Super Mario Run. Until now, Nintendo had kept Mario off your mobile devices but for Nintendo hand-held consoles. But, on December 15, 2016, the company will release Super Mario Run for iOS devices. So, you will be able to download the video game from App Store to your Apple iPhone or iPad. This game can be played using one hand.

Release Date              : December 15, 2016

Developed by             : Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development

Platform/s                  : iOS (Initially) ; Android version expected in early 2017

Game Designer         : Takashi Tezuka

Game Producer        : Shigeru Miyamoto

Registration              : 20 million (For Notification regarding availability)

Price                             : $9.99 in U.S. (including all taxes, where applicable)

Modes                          : 3 (World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder)               

Super Mario Run with better graphics is expected to hit popularity charts in no time. In this three mode game, Mario runs non-stop from the left to the right of your iPhone or iPad screen. You can play the game while enjoying your hamburger or coffee. Mario will go forward, up and down. He will jump when you mildly tap the screen. If you hold down a bit longer on the screen, he will jump higher. Master your tapping skills and see some fine jumps from Mario. Also, keep collecting coins and keep rushing towards your goal at the fastest possible speed.

If you tap skillfully when Mario reaches certain areas, he will climb across the ceiling and cross difficult obstacles with much ease. Make him jump on arrows to boost his jumping power to collect some coins which are otherwise out of reach.

You start in the single-player World Tour mode where you have a limited time for reaching the flagpole. During your journey, you need to collect the maximum number of coins. You have to save the Princess, jump over targets or smash them or knock them off by sliding down slopes and hitting them head-on. You can enjoy your journey with Mario as you traverse six worlds with 24 new courses.

In the second Toad Rally mode, you race against a ghost competitor and impress the toads (who are watching you both) with your tricky flips and jumps. The more toads you impress, better it is. They become your collection here and your currency in the next stage. As the course keeps changing, you also collect some Rally Tickets for playing the Toad Rally.

In the third Kingdom Builder mode, your Toads and coins help you build your own Mushroom Kingdom by choosing from flags, green pipes and stairs etc.

Let’s see if Super Mario Run spreads just as fast as Pokemon Go did!


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