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This holiday season get ready for some intense ‘90s nostalgia, as Nintendo has finally announced Super Mario Run release date for iOS users. The initial announcement was made by Shigeru Miyamoto, back in September announced during an Apple keynote event, that Super Mario Run game, is coming to iOS. At that point they did not give us any set details, just that Mario will soon be released on iOS; an all new game called Super Mario Run. Besides these details we were not made aware of the price, just that it will be ready in time for the holiday season 2016.

After, a long wait and not even a peep from the developers, the gamers were getting worried. But not anymore, as the Super Mario Run application will be available to download an all iOS devices on the 15th of December. This game will offer a few free levels, which will give you an idea on how the game runs; but if you want to access all of it you are required to make a one time payment of $9.99. This in app purchase will unlock the entire game for you, and the best part is you can play the entire game using just one hand!

Super Mario Run comprises of three modes:

World Tour – this will follow a traditional Mario gameplay, and is the major backbone of this game. You will experience Mario run throughout the game, on the right side, you can tap on the screen to make him jump; he will collect coins, grab a mystery box, or bounce on a toadstool. The faster you tap, the higher he will jump, you will be tackling steep inclines, and acquiring a high score. During the game Mario will be able to change time movements and directions; but your goal is simple in the You are required to collect as many coins as you can, and reach the flagpole. If you wish to rescue Princess Peach, you must complete all twenty-four courses. This is bringing back some some major flashbacks.

Toad Rally – in this mode, you can either play against a friend, or anyone in the world playing at that time. You will be given a choice of opponents, and you can simply pick one. You will be required to beat your opponents high score by collecting coins, and even performing some daring moves; which will give you extra points. There will be some toadstool people at the bottom of your screen cheering you on. There is a super cool feature that will allow you to compare your moves with your opponent by watching a “ghost” Mario run while you are playing. When the set time is up, the player with most points wins. The coins collected through such challenges will help you build your kingdom in the final mode.

Kingdom Builder – you will finally able to create your own Mario Kingdom, along with Toad followers, and decorations & buildings (that can be purchased with the coins you have collected). You will be able to acquire more coins and change your kingdom whenever you please.

We will see our beloved plumber return, and that too on his 30th Anniversary! This game brought forward a whole new platform for Nintendo lovers.

The Super Mario Run on iOS will fuel all iPhone and iPad users during this holiday season. The app can only be run on iOS at this moment, and there is no news on it branching out. It was made clear quickly that this is specially designed for iOS users, but it does not mean others should not be hopeful.




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