WORLD TOUR: World 2-4

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World 2-4  / Airship Cannons……. Fire!

The last level of the World 2 rings for sure a bell with the existing players community of Super Mario Bros 3 – Airship Guns … Fire! Obviously this Super Mario Run World is very much inspirated on this version. In this final World Mario is on Bowser’s Airship. This shipdeck is ugly and bad with a lot of big guns right from the start shooting huge cannonballs. Next to these cannonballs World 2-4 is complex due to fact it is crowded with the Ninji’s jumping around and many flying objectives to avoid.

Defeat the Boss in World 2-4 by hitting is Koopalings with big jumps. Similar as most boss fights you need to hit him hard three times well placed. Use the walls to keep on bounching back to repeat your jumps. Don’t miss the Purple Coins at start 2 big cannonballs and near the end but well-protected by Ninji. Defeat this Ninji by hitting it and get awarded with the last Purple Coin.


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